Oxebridge - Christopher Mark Paris 2017 Meltdown

Paris started it here two days ago:
Paris starts the Defamation

We'll revise the above graphic soon to reflect the additional 1000$ donated since Paris' "Email Blast" via MailChimp. The above figure as of 15 May 2017 is now about another 1000$ donated by an individual in 2017. Remember, the Oxebridge "Fundrazr" started in 2015 - Mostly "anonymous" donors who want to "Dominate their Registrar", we assume.

As of 24 January, 2019, the "Oxebridge Legal Defense Fund" has reached $4007 over 3+ years.
No wonder he's selling $20 coffee mugs to make a living.

The Brain Dumb Melt Down Email Blast (partial clip below).

The Humanitarian

The full 2017 melt down email "blast" is here

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