15 October 2019 Edition

Oxebridge Quality (Christopher Mark Paris/Erwin)
--> Lawsuit(s) and Oxebridge "Tweets" News <--

How the current lawsuit started. Crissy was mad at some people:

FAIL. Foiled again! Robust becomes Bust...

We're still laughing about it, dummy... "Rending their garments..."? Really? And how much have you spent on your current lawyer (this being what - your 4th lawyer)? Has it been worth it as you further ruin your own reputation?

The Latest News in Oxebridge's Christopher Mark Paris throwing Sh*t against a Wall via a lawsuit and "tweets" to see What, if anything, Sticks al la Andrew Breitbart the conspiracy nut.

Chris Paris' 2nd lawsuit --> <-- Failed - So Sad...

It's dead for all intents and purposes... Only Guberman/Labelle vs. Oxebridge is left. Paris' 2nd lawsuit was a dismal failure. Crissy is not a happy camper.

See the Lawsuit Index

There is an out of court pre-trial settlement (confidential, sealed and "between Paris and Levinson" (see docket document 73). Also see below re: deleted "tweets" by Paris. Chris didn't delete 2/3 of his "tweets" because he was feeling good one night or something. It reminds us of back around January or February of 2016, if we remember correctly, when Chris Paris deleted hundreds of "pages" from his Oxebridge website (which is apparently now a "news" website). Yes, we have most of them archived, not to mention he missed actually deleting many defamatory pages on his Oxebridge website which are still online.

As a "quickie, we were reading about Devon Nunes, his lawsuit against the "Devon Nunes' Cow" parody Twitter account, and his complaints, which reminded us of all of Chris Paris' complaints of harassment and such, including Paris' numerous accusations about Elsmar and Elsmar's moderators (all without any actual evidence). This reminded us of Chris. Many complaints, without any evidence of ever having occurred. Our opinion is he just made all of that crap up, and, as we posit elsewhere herein, our opinion is Mr. Paris is a habitual liar and in our opinion probably a sociopath. We suspect his (former?) local police department in Florida think so as well. Having contacted them, they said that no vandalism or other report has ever been made by Paris.

More Twitter

Tweets: Boredom. Totally. No reason given by Oxebridge (Chris Paris) as to why Paris deleted over 1,100 of his Twitter "Tweets"...

* It has been noted (July 2019) that Paris has deleted over 1,100 of his Twitter "Tweets" since June. And today (11 October 2019) we saw this:

Chris Paris' 2nd lawsuit - Down in flames--><-- So Sad...

A quick word: Mike Masnick is a fellow who runs a website called Techdirt. Typical subjects are stupid laws and lawsuits, but it is much more than that. We assume that Paris is trying to get some website, any website with credibility to take notice of Paris and write about him and his "...20 years of defamation...." and how the judges he has gone before obviously think Paris is a crybaby crank (which he is). Personally I like Mike and his website (I usually check it out once a day). It looks as if Mike pretty much thinks Paris is a troll.

Ohhhhh.... So sad. What happened to your "They're going to get it in my next big, massive, perfect, beautiful lawsuit" Twitter brag? As of 15 October, it appears Paris has deleted the above tweets.

More Twitter

It is similar to when, after his Space-X debacle and his 2015 lawsuit against Marc Smith, he deleted hundreds of pages from his Oxebridge website (around January and February of 2016). Paris also got a partial website history of his Oxebridge website in the Wayback Machine deleted and put a "no-archive" line in his website robots.txt file. Paris has a lot to hide, but it's all archived where he can't delete what he has posted on his website and on Twitter. We can not be sure, but it appears that SpaceX and/or Pulse Medical forced his mass deletion of hundreds of his "blog" posts on his Oxebridge website. His "Past Clients List" was one of the web pages Paris deleted.

It also appears that "Oxebridge" is now a "news" website (July 2019), though it does still have links and pages which promote his consulting services.

Jack of all standards, master of none... Paris has never actually worked in any of these fields in a company as a company employee. Paris has no real experience.

He HAS to be kidding... I particularly like his "Other Reason" at the bottom. And, and... "Bad Guys"? And, and his "enemies" (too numerous to mention...). Ohhhh, ohhhhh... And "God spoke to me"? Quite professionally written... "Bad guys" and "enemies"? The sign of a delusioal paranoid person?

Trying to "re-invent" himself? This may be because of the backlash from his 2015 lawsuit against Marc Smith which, as he cried about in the March 2016 injunction hearing (arond page 38 in the hearig transcript) in Tampa,FL., ruined his consulting business. That is probably true considering he filed for personal bankruptcy about 4 weeks after the 16 March 2016 violation of injunction hearing in Tampa. Paris expected a big payout. His lawyer's billing records submitted to the court show Paris was wanting $200,000 or more from Mr. Smith), but got diddly squat. Do read through the hearing transcript - it's a Hoot! Note that his lawyer at the time (one of many now), Mr. Wohlsifer, was not present at he hearing. Had he been, and had the judge asked him questions, Wohlsifer knew, we believe, that his law license would have been in jeopardy because of lying to the court and of lying to Smith.

We have heard that many companies have blacklisted Oxebridge, specifically Christopher Paris and companies which have any involvement with Chris Paris/Oxebridge, to the level of purchasing, the "Oxebridge" brand and Christopher Paris are so toxic.

See the Lawsuit Index

Lawsuits: The bottom line is... Paris' lawsuit against Levinson is settled and Mr. Smith was dropped from the lawsuit by Paris. There was a Case Management Report submitted on 3 July. See docket document 55 but all that is left is Paris' complaint about Guberman.

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1. Actually, nothing to do with Levinson's lawsuit against Paris/Oxebridge. The 31 May 2019 9:00AM EDT telephonic hearing is about M.D.Fla._8_19-cv-00423-WFJ-SPF (which was initiated by Paris) related to Motions to Dismiss. All motions to dismiss were denied. Paris is confusing the two lawsuits.
2. We haven't gone dark (obviously). But it is fun to play with Paris' mind! He is so paranoid that we can easily set him off.

What actually DID happen below:

And see the Index

More Twitter

26 April 2019 - Another Re-hash of old stuff...
Obsessed with the Elsmar Cove, Paris is running out of new accusations.
Repeat, repeat, rinse, repeat... The same old crap.
He can't stop himself from tweeting, like someone else we all know and love.

More Twitter

21 April 2019 - Re-hash of old stuff...

Chris Paris admitted HE, personally, was bankrupt with liabilities in excess of $600,000, and stated that Oxebridge was worth US$0.00.
It's in the public bankruptcy filing.

It's nice of Crissy to use the terms "racist trolls", but it doesn't do anything for his baseless tweet as he slimes himself.

How long "employed" there? 16 years (self-employed) - No income. So - What is Oxebridge's One Man Band LLC worth?

14 April 2019 - "Blame Elsmar" has been Paris' theme for years now...

At it again

Well, he's at it again. Who knows what the hell this is about...
Persecution complex? Ludicrous claims.
It's a conspiracy, I tells ya!
Of course, Paris was accusing Elsmar of "supporting terrorism" back in 2004...
(Paris' complaint is on pages 17 and 18 of the .pdf file - The first part is Marc Smith's response)

And this crap is STILL up on Linkedin: Blame Elsmar!
A delusional paranoid rant.

The Latest News in Oxebridge's Christopher Paris Lawsuits (Both of them since 2014....)

Oxebridge's 2015 lawsuit - (Case number: 8:15-cv-00011-EAK-TBM (aka Chris Paris' 2014 New Years Eve Party)!

What did Chris Paris do for fun on New Years Eve of 2014?
He filed his FIRST ever lawsuit!

and Mr Paris' 2019 Oxebridge Lawsuit M.D.Fla._8_19-cv-00423-WFJ-SPF {aka 8:19-cv-423-T-02SPF} 4 years later... Mr. Paris filed his SECOND EVER lawsuit! Chris Paris knows how to have FUN! Wheeeee....

(Our opinion, obviously) - How Chris Paris makes himself look Stupid Outright {Again, and Again, day after day} even on Holidays.

Note to Mr. Paris: Expressing an opinion is not defamation/libel nor is expressing an opinion illegal. What you are doing, however, is. Opinions herein are obvious on their face, though some, such as calling Mr. Paris a liar, have already been shown to be factual - See below "Example" under 'Summary". As to "vicious", we believe Mr. Paris was exactly that in this post which he posted on Linkedin (it's still there) as well as on his own Oxebridge.com tabloid website (It's still posted there as well): Can't-Access-Oxebridge's-Free-ISO-Template-Kits_- Blame-Elsmar - Mr. Paris is a Fraudster - A Trumpista/Alex Jones truther nutter...

Reminder: Definition of defamation:
The act of communicating false statements about a person that injure the reputation of that person.

Reminder: Definition of libel:
NOTE: The U.S. Supreme Court has held that the First Amendment's protection of freedom of expression limits a State's ability to award damages in actions for libel.

Mr Paris' latest libel as of 9 April 2019 as Mr. Paris "trolls" Elsmar.com, Mr. Smith and Elsmar.com's moderators and participants:

Chris Paris Trolling

1. Who is "they"?
2. "New cache of defamation posts leaks from (link: https://Elsmar.com) Elsmar.com website" - None exist. Go there and see for yourself.
3. There is no such court order, much less two of them. There is an agreement called a "stipulation on injunction" from the first lawsuit which is enforceable by the court. It is applicable to both Mr. Paris and Mr. Smith. This is not a "one way street" situation.
4. Civil lawsuits are not "jailable" offenses", but as a Tabloid publisher Paris makes this all sound so ominous...
5. The King of Trolling speaks!

Mr. Paris continues to troll Marc Smith and Elsmar.com.

The 2015 lawsuit by Mr. Paris/Oxebridge was just plain stupid (as is the 2019 lawsuit against Mr. Smith by trying to link him with Levinson, Guberman and LaBelle) - The Lawsuit against Smith from 2015 - The Whole Deal in a Nutshell...

NOTE 1: 24 March 2019 - We are now public again after moving active participants to a private password protected SSL domain. Sorry if we interrupted you in watching us here, Mr Paris. On with it - New screen shots for you to take!

NOTE 2: 3 April 2019 - We have no association whatever with Mr. Levinson, Mr. Guberman or Mr. LaBelle.

Summary to 9 April 2019

This website was set up to make clear to the public Christopher Paris' public attempts to discredit Elsmar.com, Elsmar forum moderators & members, and Marc Smith personally. Mr. Paris expects to be able to publicly defame others, but cries foul when he experiences the same treatment. Filing the 2015 lawsuit against Mr. Smith, Mr. Paris' intention was obviously to restrict Mr. Smith's freedom of speech and freedom to express an opinion, which we believe is also the objective of Paris' 2019 lawsuit. He failed, in the end, in that Mr. Smith had rarely expressed, in public, an opinion of Mr. Paris and/or his company "Oxebridge Quality Resources LLC". Nor did Mr. Smith ever post anything false about Mr. Paris or his company. Mr. Paris, however lies, with abandon. Example - See Page 5. Either Oxebridge was worth nothing and had no assets, as he claimed in bankruptcy court (which we personally believe is true), or he is lying on his website.

If Mr. Paris, or anyone, for that matter, wants to challenge anything posted here as not being factual, by all means contact [email protected] and your complaint/email will be reviewed and replied to promptly. We have fact checked everything here, but by all means, if we missed something we will correct it promptly and print a retraction.

We received the following. It was sent to us by Mr. Paris who obviously was thinking he was emailing it to Mr. Smith. By not actually verifying Mr. Smith's actual personal email address and sending it to him personally, Mr. Paris can not expect that he has any type of claim to privacy:

"You Shall....<do such and such>" stands out.

So - As Mr. Paris continues to post and host unhinged defamatory claims about Marc Smith and Elsmar.com and Elsmar forum moderators on Linkedin, on his personal oxebridge.com website, Twitter and who knows where else, Paris demands that Marc Smith, who has not posted anything about Mr. Paris, remove what Smith has not posted. Talk about an impossibility.... ;) And to boot, Paris wants an "apology"? We don't think so.

We will take this website (oxebridgequalitylawsuits.com) down as soon as Mr. Paris complies with the following:

1. Mr. Paris remove all defamatory material on Mr. Paris' Oxebridge.com website, and all other internet websites, including Linkedin and Twitter, or on any other website Mr. Paris has posted defamatory material related to Elsmar and Marc Smith.

2. Mr. Paris pursues the removal of prior defamatory material per the current court order(s).

3. Mr. Paris ceases and desists from publishing any new defamatory material whether under Mr. Paris' own name, a pseudonym, anonymously or through any third party.

4. Mr. Paris publish an apology and retraction to appear on the Oxebridge.com website, in which Mr. Paris retracts his statements made against Elsmar, Elsmar Moderators, and Marc Smith, and apologize. That statement will remain on all of Mr. Paris' Oxebridge web page headers for a period of 5 years. Mr. Paris will make no comments to dilute or contradict the message made therein, whether under Mr. Paris' own name, a pseudonym, anonymously or through any third party. Mr. Paris will moderate any comments made by his readers in his "O-Forum" if they attempt to dilute or contradict the message on your behalf.

The ball is in your court, Mr. Paris. We'll wait for you to start. Then again, we see you're ramping up again.

"Tweeted" by Mr. Paris of Oxebridge fame on 1 April 2019
Oxebridge's Paris is so mistreated...
Pot, Meet Kettle...

And - We do not for a minute believe anyone is "harassing" you or your family. Nor do we see anyone anywhere accusing you of "crimes" (admittedly we don't keep track of Mr. Guberman and his antics). We DO see people laughing at you and your outrageous claims...

And we suggest that your experience after the 2015 lawsuit - The Streisand effect - Didn't ring a bell to you. This new lawsuit will come back to haunt you as well, Mr. Paris.

We will state this: We do not know or have any association with, in any way, much less any communication with, Guberman (who we opine is nuts), Mr. LaBelle (whoever he is), or Mr. Levinson....

Meanwhile... On with the subject at hand - Mr. Paris' lawsuits. Pot - Meet the Kettle, and it is fun to watch Paris go into an irrational Trumpian response on his website, on Twitter, Linkedin or where ever... Thinking Perry Mason here - What did YOU post, Mr. Paris, to make yourself appear to be "targeted?

Well - On with our focus.

Oxebridge Lawsuits Index
    Defendant Plaintiff Outcome
Fall 2014 Federal Civil Lawsuit 1 Oxebridge LLC (one man band) and Christopher Paris G31000 North America, Inc. Dismissed Without Prejudice - Jurisdiction - Late 2014
January 2015 Federal Civil Lawsuit 2 Marc Smith Oxebridge and Christopher Paris Settled prior to a trial - Dismissed WITH Prejudice - July 2015
April 2017 Federal Civil Lawsuit 3 Oxebridge LLC (one man band) and Christopher Paris William Levinson

Dismissed Without Prejudice - Multiple filing issues - Jan 2019, but still "In-Process" as of May 2019. Oxebridge Slapp motion DENIED.

This lawsuit is still in-process as of July 2019. The judge is "slow walking" the case. At the least, Paris owes Levinson for lawyer fees for the Slapp Motion. Paris isn't off the hook yet.

Filed February 2019.

Status at October 2019

Federal Civil Lawsuit 4 2 Defendants out of 4 left - Guberman and someone named LaBelle.
Oxebridge and Christopher Paris

Oxebridge drops Smith from the lawsuit (May) prior to hearing on Motions to Dismiss.

Levinson settled out of court in Sept 2019 - Dismissed With Prejudice after Paris deletes over 1,100 of his "tweets" and who knows what else. It's over, folks.

Various details, some history, some opinions and some general commentary follows below.

The first thing to consider is Chris Paris is an attention seeker who uses tabloid style writing to attract "followers". Mr. Paris has become a "Social Justice Warrior" (his words, if we remember correctly). Much of this is evident in the many things he posts, and that he does, to simply draw attention to himself, and here and there interjects total nonsense about people and organizations "attacking" him in one way or another. And think National Enquirer supermarket tabloid owned by David Pecker. This is, of course, our opinion which should be apparent on its face.

Oxebridge Tabloid

We believe Mr. Paris is obviously a pathological liar, at a minimum, in addition to his attention seeking behavior in general. Like Trump, Mr. Paris fancies himself as a "Trump the meme: a chaotic, super-masculine "social justice warrior" fighter."

Mr. Christopher Mark Paris (dba Oxebridge Quality Resources LLC) according to his bankruptcy filing) has filed 2 lawsuits against any person or company since 2015. Two (2) lawsuits have been filed against Mr. Paris as described below. But reading Paris' "Fundrazr" page (do a search on the key words Oxebridge Fundrazr), Paris leads people to believe he is defending the world through his "lawsuits" lawsuits and our purpose is to debunk that "fake news". Our opinion of trying to understand Paris' libel and libel per se is --- Captain Underpants... Its just too funny. We believe that Mr. Paris is the type of person who punches someone and is surprised and offended when that person hits back, or better still, knees him in the <manly parts>. We call Mr. Paris a "sissy" - Paris believes he is a "snowflake". Oh, poor Crissy... So - Sue us for calling you names...


Christopher Mark Paris, a one person "company" with no known employees (aka Oxebridge Quality Resources LLC), has been involved in only 4 lawsuits which we can find as of March 2019.

NOTE: Documents posted here are publicly accessible - They are not "sealed". Mr. Christopher "Oxebridge" Paris has at various times claimed that various legal documents about his lawsuit(s) posted around the internet are "sealed" or other some such crap - They are not. They are available to anyone, anywhere, in the US's PACER system and elsewhere, such as on the free Court Listener.

To clarify, court documents posted herein are publicly available on PACER (Public Access to Federal Court Electronic Records), but they do charge to access documents. You can get them for free from Court Listener. For a while, some documents were sealed, including the Mediation Settlement Agreement. All were eventually unsealed, in part because Mr. William "Bill" Wohlsifer threw his client Mr. Paris "under the bus" by agreeing when the Federal Magistrate Judge asked if he had any objection during a telephone "hearing" in January 2016, as we understand the circumstances.


1. Lawsuit AGAINST OXEBRIDGE - July 2014 - G31000 North America, Inc. et al v. Paris et al, 1:14-cv-03885-VEC - Case 1:14-cv-03885-VEC - Filed 07/10/14. This lawsuit against Mr. "Oxebridge" Paris was dismissed solely for Lack of Jurisdiction. The lawsuit never went to trial. It was dismissed "without prejudice". It appears the people who filed the lawsuit decided the costs to re-file the lawsuit were simply not worth it. Our opinion, of course.

2. Lawsuit BY OXEBRIDGE - January 2015 - Christopher Mark Paris sued Marc Smith, personally, (not "Elsmar" as evidenced herein) in January of 2015. Case: 8:cv-00011-EAK-TBM - A Federal Civil Lawsuit filed in the Middle District of Florida. The lawsuit did not go to trial. The lawsuit was settled out of court prior to a trial and the lawsuit was terminated by the Judge "with prejudice". Smith, who did all his own legal filings, hired a "contract attorney" only to make sure Paris' idiot attorney would throw Paris 'under the bus' in the settlement meeting saving tens, if not thousands of $$$.

Although Christopher Mark Paris has claimed that his lawsuit against "Elsmar" was "successful",

Paris never sued Elsmar, Elsmar.com or any such rubbish. Paris sued Marc Smith, personally, as well as a long defunct DBA Mr. Smith ceased to use in 2001. Mr. Paris and his lawyer Mr. William Wohlsifer put together a really stupid, outdated lawsuit considering they were stupid enough to file against a nonexistent DBA. Other than for the Mediation Settlement meeting, where Smith needed a good contract attorney, Mr. Smith was a "per se" defendant who did all his own legal work which saved him tens of thousands of dollars.

This, of course, made Paris' "lawyer" (essentially an ambulance chaser who caught Mr. Paris) Mr. Bill 'William' Wohlsifer look like a very stupid attorney: we opine that he is. And, in fact, the Judge commented about Mr. William "Bill" Wohlsifer's motions: "...The pleadings filed in this case are not at a level appropriate for federal court. This applies equally to the Defendant, who is proceeding pro se, and the Plaintiffs, who are not."- See the bottom of page 10. It's understandable that Mr. Smith's pleadings are "...not at a level appropriate for federal court." Mr. Smith had (well, now he has some...) absolutely no background in law, and as such can not be expected to be knowledgeable in law, but as to Mr. Wohlsifer, a licensed, practicing attorney (Ha!) who has a "federal court level" approval to plead in, shows Mr. Wohlsifer to be a total joke, as well as a liar who should be disbarred.

Technically the lawsuit was settled out of court (too expensive to fight, we assume) on 5 June 2015. In early July of 2015 the court accepted the settlement and dismissed the lawsuit With Prejudice so it CAN NEVER be reopened.

Obviously agreed to by Smith because of cost. (and, of course, Smith got to retain ownership of Elsmar)
Mr. Smith has complied with the agreement by giving Elsmar.com to a Bermuda corporation.

In the end, Mr. Paris actually lost money in the lawsuit, and of course the final blow after the "Violation of Stipulation on Injunction" hearing of March 2016, Paris (aka Oxebridge) declared bankruptcy.

If you have followed Christopher Paris' posts on his website, Twitter, Linkedin and such, you will notice that, as stated above, Mr. Paris refers to the lawsuit against Marc Smith as a lawsuit against Elsmar which is knowingly false. Elsmar has never been sued by anyone or any company. Why does Mr. Paris keep referring to Elsmar? We'll explain in detail soon on another page (court case documents 122 and 123, with attachments/exhibits, explain Smith's position), but it started as an attempt by Mr. Paris trying to hide the lawsuit from the public. Much to his surprise, the world would soon know about every aspect of the lawsuit. Karma.

Oxebridge Knowingly False Fake Tabloid Type News

This is more proof that Mr. Paris is a liar, by the way...

The Oxebridge lawsuit face page:

Click the above graphic to read the entire lawsuit

It is correct to say Paris (Oxebridge) couldn't compete with a person who had retired around 2001. From what we have read we understand why.

Chris Paris is simply nuts

Fighting against free information on the internet, in this day and age, Paris is just out of his mind (aka stupid).

We believe this is appropriate at this point.

And for all of Paris' complaining about 15 (or 17 or however many years Paris is claiming now) years of "continuous tortious interference", as submitted to the court in the 2015 case, consider this:

Oxebridge Harssment Timeline

3. Lawsuit AGAINST OXEBRIDGE and Mr. Christopher Paris personally - April 2017 - William Levinson sued Christopher Mark Paris (and Oxebridge, Paris' company, as well) for libel in 2017 in the Florida State court system, in Hillsborough County court, (Case: 17-CA-003804 or Florida's "Uniform Case Number" 292017CA003804A001HC). This lawsuit, claiming Libel, was filed in Florida state court so it is not available in PACER (a federal court documents system). You have to Search for it by Company in the Hillsborough County (Florida) Court records.

The status of the case as of May 2019: Paris (aka "One Man Band" Oxebridge) countered with a SLAPP motion against Mr. Levinson's filing. The Judge in the case ruled that Levinson's lawsuit was not a SLAPP lawsuit. As of this writing, the Judge has not formally entered a Judgement against Christopher Paris, but Florida law is that when a SLAPP motion fails, the party which brought the SLAPP motion pays the other party's attorney fees to defend against the SLAPP motion (in this case Mr. Paris will owe Mr. Levinson's lawyer fees).

The judge finally did make a ruling in January 2019. Based upon what the judge determined to be, essentially, flaws in the original filing, the case was essentially dismissed Without Prejudice. This means that technically Mr. Levinson can re-file the lawsuit. It is doubtful that the lawsuit will be refilled due to the cost, but this is our opinion as of this writing.

4. Lawsuit BY OXEBRIDGE - (First threat 2018, lawsuit filed February 2019)

February 2019 - Finally - Paris has filed a flaky lawsuit - M.D.Fla._8_19-cv-00423-WFJ-SPF (Paris v. Levinson - 8:19-cv-00423). You have to read it. You can get them here for free - CourtListener

This is a Federal CIVIL Lawsuit, and as such it is a public lawsuit. All documents are on PACER, but - PACER does charge to access them.

We plan to update with some details during the next month. We're just not in any hurry to do so. Some of what we have read is just so funny that it's hard to take seriously. Paris, of course, is already using The Tweeter to "brag"...

Paris accuses others of defamation, as he does exactly the same.
Paris - A Serial Liar and Conspiracy Theorist.

NOTE: Mr. Paris has been threatening to sue the ASQ (American Society for Quality) and others for "collusion" (etc.). And - It appears obvious that that Mr. Paris will not actually file a lawsuit against the ASQ, but this remains to be seen. The rumor is Paris has had so many lawyers jump ship (4 now?) that he's having a difficult time finding one. Added to that, lawyers are supposed to do "Due Diligence" prior to accepting a client. More thoughts: Before accepting a Client.

And, of course, there is the money issue. Paris' lawsuit "Fundrazr" hasn't moved, as of this date, from $4,007.00 and it has been running for over 3 years. It appears few people are interested in Paris' "cause".

21 December 2018 - We're all waiting on needles and pins, Paris having just posted this on the Twitter thing:

20 December 2018 - The lawsuit wasn't even filed until 2 months later. When posted, no one had been "served".
"Rending their Garments"? Really?

More Oxebridge Trolling the ASQ on Twitter on 20 January 2019:

Oxebridge Trolling the ASQ

And... Again on 29 January 2019...

Paris tweeting into the wind to a miniscule audience and tilting at windmills.

Chris Paris is out to make friends! "Dominate Your Registrar!"

Paris' threats are not new. Paris posts threats of lawsuits from time to time, with the exception of the lawsuit against Smith, all of which were idle threats. Paris posted a similar threat early last summer. He has been doing this for years, looking back. For several years now Paris has been running a Fundrazr bit - Started over 3 years ago its up to $4,347 (as of 22 July 2019). Not exactly a ringing success in terms of anyone being interested in supporting him financially. Does Oxebridge have your email address? If so, it's for sale on the Dark Web.

Fair Use Screen Capture

Undoubtedly Law Enforcement is Involved, a repeated standard Paris claim... He has said this so many times that it's - Well, sad. The Broken Wing syndrome. "Massive" lawsuit coming. "Horrific" - Horror movie title/Tabloid click bait word. A totally paranoid weirdo. And to advise people to "...totally infuriate your registrar auditor..." isn't the smartest advice. Like Trump, Paris thrives on conflict.

As in many of his postings, he shows his tabloid newspaper tendencies - Paris just loves the word "horrific", for example (supermarket tabloid writing words to use 101). And his claims such as: "Senior TAG 176 leaders were revealed to be behind some of the horrific anti­Oxebridge videos that accuse us of terrorism, Nazism and more." - No evidence, as usual. Just accusations. Accusations are Chris Paris' stock in trade for his Oxebridge supermarket tabloid... And who is "us"? There is no "us". Oxebridge is a one-man-show (aka "One Trick Pony" and "One Man Band"). Some may call Paris a "One Man Wonder" - A 40 Day Wonder...

Christopher Paris has also threatened to file a federal lawsuit against Mr. Levinson, but it is beyond us what his grounds to do so would be. Not to mention the currently ongoing lawsuit against Paris/Oxebridge by Mr. Levinson. Paris has also threatened Daryl Guberman, who is also a bit nutty in our opinion, with a lawsuit, yet none has been filed. Mr. Paris' various and sundry threats over the years against so many people, organizations and companies are legendary.

And then there is the 2016 Christopher Mark Paris (Oxebridge) bankruptcy.
Easy access: Christopher Mark Paris Bankruptcy Documents.

Also: About Oxebridge's Fundrazr page - Collected, as of this writing on 30 May 2019, $4277.00 over an almost 4 year run, $1000 of which was by one person in 2017.

<Scraped Oxebridge Stuff
Fair Use Screen Capture of "Christopher Mark Paris"
(or Erwin or whatever he's calling himself these days...)

A continuing saga...