December 2019

Oxebridge Quality (Christopher Mark Paris/Erwin)
Lawsuit(s) and Oxebridge "Tweets" News

Oxebridge Lawsuits Index
    Defendant Plaintiff Outcome
Fall 2014 Federal Civil Lawsuit 1 Oxebridge LLC (one man band) and Christopher Paris G31000 North America, Inc. Dismissed Without Prejudice - Lack of Jurisdiction - Late 2014
January 2015 Federal Civil Lawsuit 2 Marc Smith Oxebridge and Christopher Paris Settled prior to a trial - Dismissed WITH Prejudice - July 2015. Settlement Agreement is NOT sealed.
April 2017 Federal Civil Lawsuit 3 Oxebridge LLC (one man band) and Christopher Paris William Levinson

Dismissed Without Prejudice - Multiple filing issues - Jan 2019, but still "In-Process" as of May 2019. Oxebridge SLAPP motion denied.

This lawsuit is technically still in-process as of July 2019. At the least, Paris owes Levinson for lawyer fees for the Slapp Motion. Paris isn't off the hook yet.

Filed February 2019.

Status - December 2019

Federal Civil Lawsuit 4 2 Defendants out of 4 left - Guberman and someone named LaBelle.
Oxebridge and Christopher Paris

Smith is dropped from the lawsuit (May) by Oxebridge prior to hearing on Motions to Dismiss.

Levinson settled out of court (agreement is Sealed) in Sept. 2019 - Dismissed With Prejudice after Paris deletes over 1,100 of his "tweets" and who knows what else. It's over, folks.

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